Robert Weinberg's Photo Gallery

Robert Weinberg's

Photo Gallery -- Page Two

Bob and Phyllis.
Bob & Phyllis at the Horror Writers
Stoker Weekend in Hollywood.
Matt graduates.
Matt's high school graduation picture.
Bob visits Ed C.
Bob visits famous fantasy artist, Edd Cartier.
Bob and Brian Lumley.
Bob with best-selling author and friend,
Brian Lumley. Brian's Necroscope novels are
a must for any fan of vampire fiction!
Bob at WFC 1990.
World Fantasy Convention 1990 in Chicago. Bob, chairman of the con, with SF and fantasy legends Jack Williamson, Lloyd Eshbach, Julius Schwartz, Robert Bloch, and L. Sprague de Camp.
Bob at WizardWorld.
Bob autographs copies of CABLE at the Marvel
Booth at the Chicago Wizardworld Convention.
Bob and Karl.
Bob and close buddy, Karl Edward Wagner.
Bob sans beard.
Bob without a beard! Visiting Paris,
December 1967.
Phyllis takes a break.
Phyllis takes a break at an exhibit of art by famous
SF and pulp artist, H.W. McCauley (with two of his
paintings in the background).
A recent photo of Matt.
Bob's fans in Poland.
From left: Maciek, Marcin and Frach
(Some of Bob's fans from Poland).
Bob's fans again.
Marcin, Frach, and Zbig Hlousek
(Some of Bob's fans from Poland).

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