Author Robert Weinberg's Favorite Links

Robert Weinberg

Favorite Links

Here are a few of Bob's favorite web sites. Enjoy!

  • Lois Gresh -- Lois and i have collaborated on two books and a number of mystery short stories. She is a talented writer, a computer genius, and a truly special person. At present, we are working on THE SCIENCE OF SUPERHEROES together, and also have plans for a major swords-and-sorcery series.

  • Weird Tales -- An unofficial but terrific Weird Tales site.

  • Janet Berliner -- Another excellent writer and editor.

  • The Pulp Heroes Index Site -- The best index of the "hero" pulps like DOC SAVAGE, THE SHADOW, THE SPIDER and many many others on the web. Much of this information comes from Bob's research in the field back in the 1960's and 1970's, working on his own and with Lohr McKinstry.

  • The Vintage Library -- A great site for reprints from the pulp magazines. Lots of information and numerous hero pulp novels available for a very reasonable price.

  • Brett Booth and Jess Ruffner. Brett is a terrific comic book artist and he and Bob are working on several projects for Wildstorm comics to be published in 2002.

  • Darke Palace -- Home of author Yvonne Navarro, who also designed this website under her web design company, Webette Designs.

  • Horror and suspense author Jay Bonansinga.

  • Horror author and editor Tina Jens, who also founded the esteemed and long-running Twilight Tales reading series.

  • The notoriously dark and funny author, Martin Mundt.

  • Renowned author Jodi Lynn Nye.

  • -- Home of author Lois Tilton.

  • The Horror Writers Association.

  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

  • SFF.Net.

  • Andy Fairclough's Horror World.

  • The Home page of Richard Clark, the fine artist who is doing the artwork for the Madeleine Giovanni story that Moonstone Comics is publishing.

  • - Bob's friends from France run a wonderful publishing site devoted to vampires and other creatures of the night. Available only from them is "The Dead Man's Kiss" in French!

  • The Science of Superheroes Audio Edition -- Look here for the complete audio edition of The Science of Superheroes. The entire book on audio for under $20.

  • The Page for The Science of Superheroes. Here you can read for free the Dean Koontz intro to the book and an entire chapter from the book, on Batman, before purchasing the book. And its available at 30% discount!

  • X-Fan, the best web site for readers and fans of the X-Men.

  • Wizardworld, one of the best comic news web sites.

  • Comicon, another excellent comic news site.

  • Mile High Comics, another fine comic site.

  • The website for Moonstone Comics Vampire the Masquerade graphic novels. Moonstone publishes a number of other excellent comics, all highly recommended!

  • Coming Attractions, a terrific website with all the news about upcoming pulp-magazine publications.

  • Lighthouse Magazine, a new internet magazine on horror and dark fantasy. First issue features Brian Lumley.

  • A terrific website devoted to the works of Harold Lamb, one of the finest writers for the pulps.

  • Pulp Gallery -- an incredible site with reproductions of several thousand (!!!) pulp covers.

  • The website for The Readers Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos, run by E.P. Berglund. A must for any fan of the Mythos.

  • The home page for Brian Lumley. A great author and a great guy!

  • City of Heroes

  • Feral Fiction

  • The World Fantasy Convention 2005

  • The Windy City Pulp & Paperback Show 2005

  • Facsimile Dust Jackets. Reasonably priced facsimile jackets of rare SF and mystery hardcovers. Highly recommended for people who want to dress up their coverless books!

  • A Guide to Supernatural Fiction. If you love rare fantasy and horror volumes, check out this huge listing of hundreds of rare books displayed in dust jackets. A great spot to browse!

    I know I've missed other great websites I want to link up with. Please be patient as I continue to add new links to my site!

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