Dark Earth: The Torch by Robert Weinberg

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The Web of Arachnos

THE WEB OF ARACHNOS by Bob Weinberg, with cover art by George Pérez. The fabled Well of the Furies holds the power to transform ordinary men and women into heroes-- and villains-- mighty enough to rival the demigods of Greek myth. In 1930, as economic catastrophe and political upheaval blight the world, two friends uncover the well's secret. The two men will become legends--one a champion of justice known as Statesman, the other a reclusive criminal mastermind whose diabolical schemes will shake the globe. Their epic conflict begins in Paragon City, a once-great American metropolis brought low by the Depression and crippled by corruption. But the battle cannot be won by Statesman alone. For justice to triumph, Paragon will have to become a city of heroes...

The Web of Arachnos
Cover art copyright © 2005 by George Perez.

Dark Earth
Dark Earth: The Torch

In 1997 Bob wrote a novel based on the best-selling computer game, DARK EARTH, from Kallisto Games, the creators of NIGHTMARE CREATURES. The book was due to be published by Boulevard Books when DARK EARTH was released for the Playstation Game Console. However, the game was not released and is now scheduled to be released some time in the future for the Playstation 2 Game Console. There is talk that the novel will be released on its own sometime in the near future.

As part of the deal for writing this novel, Bob was flown by Kallisto to Bordeaux, France to meet the game designers of DARK EARTH. He spent three days in the historic city famous throughout Europe for its great wines.

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