Vampire Diary: The Embrace by Robert Weinberg

Robert Weinberg

Vampire Diary: The Embrace

When Bob first consulted with White Wolf in the summer of 1993, the company had just licensed Vampire: the Masquerade to television for a TV series. To capitalize in on the new series, Bob was asked to write three short novels in first person that would delve into the background of the three main characters in the show.

Bob wrote the first "diary" in two weeks. It was then reworked by Mark Rein*Hagen, co-owner of White Wolf to give the story a more gothic-punk feel. None of Bob's story was changed, but the story gained a grittier edge. The short novel was then published in diary format, with hand-lettering, a slipcase, and even a lock and key. It sold a huge number of copies.

Unfortunately, Aaron Spelling, producer of THE KINDRED TV show made many changes in the basic concepts of the show and the final version of the production bore little resemblance to the original concept. White Wolf thus decided not to publish the 2nd or 3rd diaries.

The first diary went through numerous printings before going out of print. The story has been republished in the omnibus volume, THE ESSENTIAL WORLD OF DARKNESS.

Vampire Diary: The Embrace VAMPIRE DIARY: THE EMBRACE - by Robert Weinberg & Mark Rein*Hagen - hardcover edition published in 1994 by White Wolf.

In the shadows of Los Angeles an ancient vampire courts Auston Jacobson, a nightclub bartender. Slowly but surely, Auston succumbs to the dark call. Can he resist the Embrace, the gateway to an eternity of damnation? And will his master's dark command threaten the most beautiful, most perfect love he has ever felt? (Handwritten, with illustrations on nearly every page as well as several inserts.)

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