The Occult Thrillers of Author Robert Weinberg

Robert Weinberg

Occult Thrillers

Bob's earliest novels were occult horror novels based on his lifelong interest in Jewish mysticism, numerology, the tarot deck, and The Kabbalah.

THE DEVIL'S AUCTION - published in hardcover by Owlswick Press in 1988, reprinted by Leisure Books in 1990. Reprinted again in paperback in 1988.

Held once each generation and attended by the greatest mages in the world, the Auction offered The Devil's Auction (H.C.) a prize of incredible power to the winner. But, what happened to those bidders whose offers didn't meet the final price?

Valerie Lancaster had no desire to attend the Auction. But when her father was murdered for his invitation, she knew she had to go to find his killer -- and keep from being slain herself.

The Devil's Auction Accompanied by her father's friend, Alex Warner, Valerie found herself confronted by werewolves, golems and the most powerful sorcerers in the world. But none of them prepared her for the final, shocking secret of the Devil's Auction.

"I haven't had this much fun since I beat my pet hamster to death with a chair leg! A rootin-tottin booger of a book! Fresh as a spring daisy, but mean and nasty as a rattlesnake bite!" -- Joe R. Lansdale

"I liked everything about this book, including the title!" -- Robert Bloch

The Armageddon Box THE ARMAGEDDON BOX - published in hardcover by Wildside Press in 1991, reprinted in revised form by Leisure Books in 1991.

The sequel to THE DEVIL'S AUCTION. A friend's brutal murder brought the seemingly worthless book into Alex Warner's possession. He had no idea that it held the secret to an age-old mystery and key to unimaginable power. But he discovered that quick enough as he found himself the target of a secret religious cult and a strange Neo-Nazi superman with incredible powers.

With Valerie Lancaster, Alex must follow the trail of the book from Chicago's back alleys to an impregnable Swiss fortress, and learn the hidden history of an ancient race of vampires and their ties with Nazi Germany. Only then would he learn how to open the Armageddon Box.

THE BLACK LODGE - published in hardcover by Wildside Press in 1991. Published in slightly revised form by Pocket Books in 1991.

In an old Chicago railroad house, a crack dealer is robbing his customer - a huge, shrouded figure with a thousand in cold cash and a featureless face. The pusher empties his .44 into the man, who is slammed against a wall by the bullets' force. But he rises unharmed - and slowly approaches his attacker with a meat cleaver. "My turn," he utters calmly.

The Black Lodge He's the Dark Man, a force of evil...

In his office across town, psychic detective Sid Taine takes the case of beautiful socialite Angel Caldwell. She describes her husband Victor's association with the Black Lodge, and the threats against him by the mysterious Arelim - a name recognizes as the master of white magic known through the centuries as the Avenging Angel...

...a force of good.

Sid Taine is about to discover the secrets of the Dark Man and Victor Caldwell - and much more. On the stage of a vast big-city arena, the terrifying heart of the Black Lodge will stand revealed to him in an apocalyptic showdown between good and evil...

"Scary, witty, suspenseful and fascinating, THE BLACK LODGE is both a detective novel set on the seamy streets of Chicago and a roller coaster ride of horror and mystery. The kind of horror novel I love- taut prose combined with a journey through the dark occult country of fear. One of the top dark fantasies of the year." -- Douglas Clegg "Great fun - exciting, vivid, full of swift action, astonishing surprises, and fascinating occult lore. I defy any reader to walk away from it after the first chilling encounter with the Dark Man." -- Hugh B. Cave

THE DEAD MAN'S KISS - Pocket Books 1992. Reprinted in French The Dead Man's Kiss in trade paperbound and limited edition, 2000.

From the still halls of a Chicago museum, they've stolen a priceless ancient relic- and from The Dead Man's Kiss (French edition) its blackened crevices they've liberated a human spirit. His name is Jambres - priest of the once-mighty empire of Egypt - and for more than three millennia he's waited to walk again on earth. His quest: to reunite the halves of his soul, sundered for a long-ago crime he didn't commit. His chosen instrument: Carl Garrett, a white supremacist whose ruthlessness and fanatic determination make him the ideal match for Jambres's gruesome scheme. At stake: the lives of hundreds of millions. They'll be killed in the most horrifying blood sacrifice history has ever seen - unless one lone and desperate woman, armed with knowledge no mortal is meant to possess, can stop before the slaughter begins.

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