The Horizon War Books by Robert Weinberg

Robert Weinberg

The Horizon War

In late 1995, as he was finishing writing the Red Death series, Bob suggested a second Vampire trilogy to White Wolf. A contract for a second series was signed, but soon afterwards, the original game designer for Vampire: the Masquerade left White Wolf to form his own gaming company. No one was sure what direction the game would take under a new game developer, so Bob was asked to revise his trilogy and redo it as a series of novels featuring werewolves and mages from the World of Darkness. Bob did so, but the wrewolf game designer decided he didn't want werewolves involved in mage novels. Soon after, a new game developer was appointed for Vampire, and Bob was requested to add vampires back into his proposal. Thus, the Horizon War, a World of Darkness trilogy involving mages and vampires was born.

While not as popular as The Masquerade of the Red Death series, the Horizon War series has been a consistent seller for White Wolf. The three novels have been sold in Hungary, and the first two books have been reprinted there. Bob is not sure of any other foreign editions of these books. If anyone knows of other reprints of these books other than English or Hungarian, please let Bob know.

THE ROAD TO HELL - Published in paperback in 1996 by White Wolf.
The Road to Hell (U.S. Edition) The battle for reality ignites as mages of all stripes vie for the fabled Hoirzon Realms, the dimesions juxtaposing Earth and... elsewhere. A villain from the mages' past returns to claim his legacy, embroiling both Earth's magick makers and the vampiric Kindred in a struggle for survival and for dominance of all known creation.

Several characters from the Masquerade of the Red Death appear in this trilogy, including Madeleine Giovanni, one of the most popular vampires from the original series.

The Road to Hell (Hungarian Edition)

THE ASCENSION WARRIOR - Published in paperback in 1997 by White Wolf.
Ascension Warrior (U.S. Edition) The Ascension War has raged between the mages of the Nine Traditions and the Technicians of the Technocracy for hundreds of years. Though bloody battles have been won and lost, victory eludes both sides. Now however, a mysterious figure has risen, a being of incredible, inhuman power - the Ascension Warrior. Claiming to be the returned Heylel Teomin, Abomination and barabbi, he comes to bring peace and unity to the warring mages. But will his plans bring resolution to the conflict, or the quiet of the grave? Ascension Warrior (Hungarian Edition)

WAR IN HEAVEN - Published in paperback in 1998 by White Wolf.
War in Heaven (U.S. Edition) In WAR IN HEAVEN, a desperate battles rages in the Horizon Realms, the mystic dimensions that surround Earth. The mages of both the Nine Traditions and the Technocracy are under attack by a mysterious willworker who calls himself Heylel Teomin, the Ascension Warrior. Already, two Horizon Realms have been obliterated, and now others are under attack. But Heylel's most potent threat is a seductive offer that kindles the fires of revolution in younger mages. Only a small band of unlikely allies stands against the Ascension Warrior. If they fail, mankind is doomed.

For though Teomim may promise a bright new dawn, his triumph means an eternity of endless night!

War in Heaven (Hungarian Edition)

The Road to Hell (Spanish Edition)     Ascension War (Spanish Edition)     War in Heaven (Spanish Edition)

The covers to Horizon War 1, 2, and 3, published several years ago in Spain. These books were also available in a special slipcased edition.

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