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Brain Photos

From the Mind of Phyllis Weinberg

Knowing Bob for 44 years has left me with “brain photos”. I will share the captions. You will have to fill in the “photos.”

  • Bob running to me across IIT campus lot (1972).
  • Looking starry-eyed at me eating fantastic deep dish pizza at Connie’s pizza place.
  • Our hands atop each other with our new wedding rings (1973).
  • First apartment on IIT campus with boxes of pulps in living room and movie cards taped to the walls.
  • Busy typing “WT50” on the L.C. Smith typewriter sitting on a homemade desk.
  • Folding catalogs in our second apartment with green shag carpeting in Alsip (1975).
  • Barbeque party with E. Hoffman Price in our first home on 10606 S. Central Park in Chicago (1976).
  • The night Matthew was born at that home with Ace paperback covers on the wall (1979).
  • Holding Matthew until he went to sleep while wrapping packages.
  • Moving to our current home in Oak Forest to accommodate the book business (1980).
  • Joking about all the phone calls and changing our number to “1-900-CALL-BOB.”
  • Being at Comic conventions... Pulp cons... World Fantasy Cons... Doctor Who Cons... Windy Cons... Windy City Pulp and Paper... etc.
  • Hanging another piece of art.
  • And then moving it again.
  • Opening a box of books.
  • Writing at the computer.
  • Sitting in that weird pose of his on the floor with a pencil in his mouth, adding up the accounting books.
  • Picking tomatoes in the garden (2012).
  • Eating a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich and a bowl of pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries.
  • Eating at Portillo’s... and Panera... and Patio.
  • Finding some neat puzzles at Goodwill... and the Dollar Tree (2014).
  • Doing the puzzles.
  • Falling asleep on the sofa while sitting up (2016).
  • And being by my side, always.

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